Wednesday, June 16

Wizards Beat Cavs to Clinch Play-In Berth, Finalize Postseason Field – Sports Illustrated

With their win over the Cavaliers on Friday, the Wizards have secured a spot in the NBA’s play-in tournament and finalized the 20-team postseason field.

The exact seedings are still undetermined, as well as the final eight teams who will have to survive the play-in tournament to advance to the first round. The Wizards’ win eliminated the Bulls from contention in the Eastern Conference, while the Kings and Pelicans were eliminated earlier this week in the West.

In the East, the four teams competing in the play-in tournament are set, but the matchups could shift. The West is a bit more complicated, with the Trail Blazers and Lakers still battling for the No. 6 seed, while the other teams already secured a spot in the play-in tournament could alternate positions.

Check out the up-to-date postseason picture below, which will be updated as the situation evolves throughout the weekend:

Eastern Conference

First Round

  • No. 1 — Philadelphia 76ers
  • No. 2 — Brooklyn Nets
  • No. 3 — Milwaukee Bucks
  • No. 4 — Atlanta Hawks
  • No. 5 — Miami Heat
  • No. 6 — New York Knicks

Play-In Tournament

  • No. 7 — Boston Celtics
  • No. 8 — Charlotte Hornets
  • No. 9 — Indiana Pacers
  • No. 10 — Washington Wizards

Western Conference

First Round

  • No. 1 — Utah Jazz
  • No. 2 — Phoenix Suns
  • No. 3 — Denver Nuggets
  • No. 4 — Los Angeles Clippers
  • No. 5 — Dallas Mavericks
  • No. 6 — Portland Trail Blazers

Play-In Tournament

  • No. 7 — Los Angeles Lakers
  • No. 8 — Golden State Warriors
  • No. 9 — Memphis Grizzlies
  • No. 10 — San Antonio Spurs

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