Friday, June 25

Terrible Collision in White Sox-Royals Game – I Dont Think Ive Ever Seen One in This Spot –

There was just a horrible collision in the White Sox-Royals game, and it was a kind I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

The batter, Hunter Dozier, was starting to run out a pop-up on the infield, and first baseman Jose Abreu just never saw him coming as he was tracking the ball:

That’s as bad as a collision on the infield could get, and I really hope both guys will be OK. That’s two big dudes colliding. To my eye it was just really bad luck that Dozier had to go around the catcher as he started his trot to first, which is what took him unknowingly into Abreu’s path. And Abreu was expecting that Dozier would’ve had plenty of time to see him and avoid him. Oof.

Both had to be helped off the field.

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