Friday, July 30

Matt Dery Offers Bold Solution to Solve Detroit Lions Issues – Sports Illustrated

The woes of the Detroit Lions have again been discussed all this week, as the team is coming off one of its all-time worst performances.

Detroit was shut out by the Carolina Panthers, 20-0, and the poor performance has riled up those wanting sweeping changes made to the organization. 

Among them is Lions analyst Matt Dery. 

The “Locked on Lions” host has offered a bold solution to solve what is ailing the historically futile organization, and he titled it “HLN.” 


Dery explained in his latest podcast, “What HLN is (is) Hire Louis Now. Louis is Louis Riddick. It is time for the Detroit Lions to get rid of Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia. Those two should be fired on Thursday night, win or lose. Five years of Bob Quinn is not working. Three years of Matt Patricia is certainly not working. It’s a debacle.”

The clamoring for Riddick to lead a team as its general manager has steadily grown in the past few years, due to the ESPN analyst’s high-quality work and his understanding of the league and the players. 

“It’s time to hire Louis now,” Dery explained further. “It’s time to bring Louis Riddick to the fold. He’s a former player and defensive back out of Pittsburgh. Played in the NFL with numerous teams, including the Cleveland Browns, and he is a sharp, sharp man. And, he’s ready to take over an NFL team.”

Over the course of the next few days, there will be many who offer solutions to fix what is ailing the Lions. 

This idea has the possibility of actually working. But, would new principal owner Sheila Ford Hamp and the Ford family be willing to hire another analyst right out of the broadcast booth?  

One thing is clear, the current regime is certainly not the answer.

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