Friday, April 23

With Theo Epstein leaving the Cubs, Jed Hoyer has work to do – The Athletic

Theo Epstein has always been willing to have some fun with his co-workers. 

Before he left to become general manager in San Francisco, Scott Harris would often be on the receiving end of friendly pranks. And Epstein’s close friend, confidante and top lieutenant, GM Jed Hoyer, hasn’t been immune to such pranks either. (Just check out “his” Twitter account.)

It was just two years ago that Epstein and Hoyer went out with some friends and Hoyer bowed out early. Hoyer woke up to toilet paper draped across the trees of his Chicago home. His wife Merrill used security footage to prove Epstein and others were the culprits. 

So it was fitting that in his final interview with Chicago media as team president — a role Epstein will officially step down from this Friday with Hoyer taking over — that he had one final quip to deliver at Hoyer’s expense.

When asked to share the differences between him and Hoyer, he…

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