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“They Had to Cheat Me to Beat Me”- Deontay Wilder Goes After Tyson Fury in Fresh Rant – EssentiallySports

Deontay Wilder continues to claim that he was cheated and snubbed of his WBC heavyweight strap in the re-match against Tyson Fury in February. Although Fury had put on a dominant performance to bag the belt, Wilder still isn’t billing him as the ‘better man’. Instead, he continues to lash out at Fury and views him as a ‘known cheater’ in the boxing world.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ has already provided several reasons to validate his loss. From blaming his walkout costume to accusing his trainer of being a double agent, Deontay Wilder hasn’t held back while justifying the defeat. However, things got vile when he accused Tyson Fury of cheating with the boxing gloves.

While several fans mocked him for such remarks, ‘The Bronze Bomber’ still believes the same. Nevertheless, Fury got clearance from the administrators and nothing suspicious was found in his gloves.

Despite that, Wilder isn’t ready to accept it with that ease. He is adamant about his beliefs, and it doesn’t seem as though his justifications will stop.

Deontay Wilder blames Tyson Fury again and again and again

The former WBC champion connected with Brian Custer to discuss several ongoing scenarios in his boxing journey. Here, he shed light on his only professional loss. When asked whether the better man won the fight, Wilder unveiled a scratching verbal attack.

He said, “He cheated, he flat out cheated. That wasn’t the best man. That was the coward of a man. He got a long reputation of cheating, and this right here is nothing less of him. I mean, he is known, a known cheater. So, if you are known to be a known cheater, why are you going to stop now?”

Wilder further said that Fury had cheated in his title fight against Wladimir Klitschko too. However, he didn’t get into the finer details of this claim.

He added, “You know the Gypsies believe in if they have an opportunity to cheat and they don’t cheat. They consider you to be a su***. We know time and time again. You can go back through the history and the rhapsody of cheating, cheating, and cheating consistently even with the Klitschko fight, cheating the chief, and just making no better. So, he definitely wasn’t a better man and that fight and you know it’s sad that you know, I am so great in the sport that they had to cheat me to beat me ” 

Wilder is eyeing a return in early 2021 as he seeks a fresh start to his career. He is still one of the most lethal men in the division and has all the chances of regaining his lost throne. What do you make of his latest verbal volley directed to ‘The Gypsy King’?


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