Friday, April 16

Atlanta Hawks potential picks, trades and free agents – The Athletic

After weeks and months of intrigue surrounding the Hawks and the NBA Draft, general manager Travis Schlenk told Atlanta reporters on Monday that he expects the Hawks to simply use picks Nos. 6 and 50 after rampant predictions about the franchise being a likely trade candidate.

“I think we’re going to pick sixth, and then we’re going to sit around and look at each other until we get to pick 50 and call it a night,” Schlenk said.

While that would make for the least amount of drama, the Hawks want this to be the last time they control a lottery pick for a while. Hawks co-owner Jami Gertz made her wishes known when she said back in March that, “my prayer is this is the last season picking in the lottery.” Adding another top-10 pick to the roster, however, also would add another tradeable asset for Schlenk to potentially use.

With about 24 hours until the Hawks are on the clock, here’s what I’ve gathered on the draft…

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