Friday, April 23

NHL Reverse Retro jersey power rankings – The Athletic

For one glorious morning on Monday, Twitter was fun again. Instead of doom-scrolling, we had Mystery Science Theater 3,000: Hockey Fashion Edition. Instead of yelling at each other about masks or democracy, we yelled at each other about the Buffa-Slug and jersey piping. You know, important stuff.

The NHL released its much-hyped Reverse Retro jerseys from Adidas for all 31 teams on Monday, and everyone had an opinion. Or 31 of them. The Athletic staff was no different, so we did our own power rankings. Each staffer rated each jersey on a scale of 1 to 10, and the rankings are based on the average scores.

Disclaimer: The comments here are all mine, however, so they won’t always line up, because some of my colleagues, I’m afraid to say, have absolutely no taste.

1. Colorado Avalanche (9.1 average out of 10)

More than 60 percent of our panel gave this one a perfect 10. No shock there. You want to get a bunch of middle-aged sportswriters…

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