Thursday, May 6

How Phillip Lindsays 55-yard run sparked Broncos to a magical comeback win over Chargers –

“Phillip was calm today,” Drew Lock said. “There’s a lot of times where you have 4 rushing yards at half and Phillip’s going to lose his you-know-what. We’re getting older, we’re getting experience, we’re all getting better. And him coming out, staying levelheaded, being ready for the play to come his way and he made it when it came his way. That was just the epitome of tonight. When the play was there to be made, guys ended up making them.”

The touchdown, which cut the Chargers’ lead to just two touchdowns, did more than just light a fire under the offense. It also did the same for the defense.

“Defensively, [we were like], ‘They’re fighting, man. Let’s get out there and find a way to get them the ball again — better yet, let’s get a takeaway, let’s put them on a short field so we can put up another pair of points,'” Simmons said. “It’s all about that momentum swing, how you feel when you’re in rhythm.”

As Simmons tells it, Lindsay’s touchdown was the moment he knew a comeback was in the making. Even if most onlookers didn’t, the players could sense something in the making.

In spite of the growing deficit, Lindsay said he told Melvin Gordon III that they’d have their opportunity.

“I told Melvin, ‘Look Mel, I’ve been here and since I’ve been here, I know how they work. If we can get 10 points in this quarter — or close to it — by the fourth quarter we’re going to win this game. We just have to stay in there. Our defense is going to hold, especially in the fourth quarter.’

“We went on, we got the [nearly] 10 points and the defense put us back in position to win the game,” Lindsay said. “That’s all you can ask for is for a chance to win the game. The fact is that we came out, we executed, and we won.”

As the Broncos hope to build on one of the franchise’s finest comeback victories, Lindsay wants to ensure they don’t have to do it again.

“It was a great win, but we’ve got to go back to work and find ways to do something in the beginning of the game so that we’re not in predicaments like this,” Lindsay said. “That’s our problem right now. We need to find ways to have explosive plays so that our defense isn’t put under pressure for so long. You can only do that for so long.”

Perhaps a comeback like this could foreshadow more success to come on offense, as Head Coach Vic Fangio said.

“It can be big,” Fangio said. “… [T]he best way you can get confidence is to have good play. You don’t need to be sitting on some psychologist’s couch to get confidence or read a book to get confidence. You’ve got to go out and play well, and when you play good, you get confident. Now we can build on that. We had six quarters where we were not really competitive offensively. Now in the second half, after the first series, we caught on fire and hopefully this will bring us to bigger and better things.”

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