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Missouri and Florida players brawl after late hit on Florida QB Kyle Trask before halftime – Yahoo Sports

Every player from Missouri and Florida was assessed a personal foul after a halftime fight on the field.

Florida players were upset that Missouri’s Trajan Jeffcoat hit QB Kyle Trask after a Hail Mary attempt to end the second quarter. Jeffcoat’s hit looked late. But it wasn’t called roughing the passer on the field.

Trask’s teammates and his coach Dan Mullen were understandably upset with the hit. After Mullen ran out on the field to confront the officiating crew about the lack of a flag, a fight then broke out before the teams went to the locker room. You can see numerous punches thrown in the melee.

People tried to get between Mullen and Missouri coach Eli Drinkwitz as the teams finally made their way to the locker rooms after the fight. But Mullen was intent on talking to Drinkwitz and the referee and the two coaches talked it out with the officiating crew.

Florida defensive lineman Zachary Carter and Antwuan Powell and Missouri linebacker Tre Williams were ejected after the fight. A player is automatically ejected after two personal foul penalties, meaning that any personal foul by a player in the second half will result in an ejection.

This is the hit that got Florida players so fired up.

Florida is allowing limited fans at home games and Mullen wanted to make sure they were fired up. While he originally started to go to the locker room after talking to Drinkwitz, he reversed course to make sure the home crowd was cheering before he went to see his team at halftime.

Florida led the game at halftime 20-7. There will likely be further penalties from the SEC for both teams during the week.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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