Saturday, April 17

Cam Newton could be benched again today – NBC Sports – NFL

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Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was benched last week against the 49ers. It could happen again today at Buffalo.

Via Jay Glazer of FOX, the Patriots are concerned about the number of mistakes Newton has made in the last two games, which could get him removed again today.

Newton has repeatedly acknowleged this week that he needs to play better. At one point, he scoffed at the notion that he has “brain fog” associated with his recent case of COVID-19. If, however, he’s making mental errors, it’s possibly not a factor that should be completely disregarded.

Newton’s passing efficiency consistently has dropped this

Either way, the 2-4 Patriots face a critical game today at Buffalo. If New England can find a way to win, they’re back in the running. If they lose and fall to 2-5, it could be over or close to it for the Pats.

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