Wednesday, June 16

Mitchell Millers path back to hockey faces many hurdles – The Athletic

For a few weeks, Mitchell Miller was an Arizona Coyotes prospect who was preparing for his freshman season at the college hockey powerhouse of the University of North Dakota.

That is no longer the case.

The Coyotes renounced Miller’s draft rights Thursday and the Fighting Hawks cut the 18-year-old defenseman from their program on Friday. Miller’s opportunities disappeared after an Arizona Republic story recounted an incident in middle school when he and another eighth-grader were convicted in a juvenile court of abusing and bullying Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, a developmentally disabled Black classmate. Joni Meyer-Crothers, Isaiah’s mom, has said Miller began abusing her son in second grade and used repeated racial slurs such as the N-word while also telling him to “go pick cotton.”

Miller’s talent on the ice helped him land an athletic scholarship to UND, which has sent countless players to the NHL. It helped him become a…

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