Thursday, April 15

Seahawks did due diligence on Antonio Brown, declined to pursue – NBC Sports – NFL

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A week ago, the Seahawks seemed to be the leading contenders to land receiver Antonio Brown. Ultimately, they didn’t.

Per a league source, the Seahawks performed their due diligence on Brown, doing all the homework and checking all the boxes necessary to evaluate whether Brown should be added to the roster. The Seahawks decided based on their efforts that they weren’t comfortable adding Brown to the team.

Brown had an ugly exit from the Steelers and Raiders. He also was suspended eight games for multiple Personal Conduct Policy violations. He faces further potential discipline for a pending civil lawsuit alleging sexual assault, based on the evidence developed.

They nevertheless had to navigate the fact that quarterback Russell Wilson wanted Brown on the roster. As previously speculated, the Seahawks quite possibly acknowledged interest in Brown publicly both to placate Wilson and to ensure that someone else would swoop in and get him.

That’s what the Buccaneers did, helping the Seahawks avoid a potentially awkward moment with their franchise quarterback.

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