Thursday, April 15

Buccaneers will use more four-receiver sets to accommodate Antonio Brown – NBC Sports – NFL

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The Buccaneers have plenty of good receivers. So what will they do with receiver Antonio Brown on the team?

It’s simple. They’ll put more receivers on the field.

Appearing last night on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians said the offense will find a way to get Mike Evans and Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller and Brown available to Tom Brady at the same time.

“We started introducing a more four-wideout-package, so we could have all those guys on the field,” Arians said in reference to his team’s top four receivers, via

That’s good for Brown and the other receivers. It’s not so good for the tight ends and running backs, since with four receivers, five offensive linemen, and a quarterback, there’s only one spot left.

And there continues to be only one football. Which will be the most interesting thing to watch once Brown makes his debut for the Buccaneers in Week Nine against the Saints, on Sunday Night Football. Especially since Brown has so much money tied to catching passes (at least 45), gaining yards (at least 650), and scoring touchdowns (at least six).

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