Tuesday, June 15

Ryan Fitzpatrick addresses Miami Dolphins trade rumors – 247Sports

Ahead of the much-anticipated first career start Sunday for Tua Tagovailoa, the Miami Dolphins are reportedly deciding what to do with veteran No. 2 Ryan Fitzpatrick, whose been efficient this season for the AFC franchise. The NFL trade deadline is Nov. 3 and the Dolphins could try and acquire draft picks for a better-than-serviceable quarterback now that they’re moving forward with a rookie.

“I have no idea,” Fitzpatrick said on Tuesday when asked about his future in Miami. “No, I don’t go in there and demand or ask for anything. And in terms of the other stuff, the long-term future, I have no idea. I know that I just love playing this game.

“I love being out there and the camaraderie that that brings and dealing with the adversity with your teammates; those are the kind of things that I truly love about this game, so I definitely like playing more than I like sitting and watching.”

Dolphins coach Brian Flores was mum on Miami’s potential trade interests with Fitzpatrick.

“Those questions really go to (general manager) Chris (Grier). They should go to Chris,” Flores said this week. “My focus is on the Rams and getting ready for the Rams, getting our players – this team – ready to play the Rams. It’s a good opponent. They’re tough. They’re physical. They’re talented.

“That’s really a Chris question. He’s the one who handles all the calls from different teams. My focus is on this team, this week and getting our guys ready to play.”

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Tagovailoa was 2-for-2 in his only appearance this season in mop-up duty last time out vs. the New York Jets. Flores said Tagovailoa has prepared like everyone else during the extended lead-up to Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams and will be ready to go under center.

“I don’t like to put expectations on anyone,” Flores said. “I think we just really have to go out there … have a good day today, have good meetings, have good warmups, have good practice, put together a good week and just try to play a good football game come Sunday afternoon against a good opponent. It’s a team effort.”

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