Saturday, April 10

Chiefs coach Eric Bieniemy will get chance to impress Jets again – New York Post

There will be a lot of focus this week on Chiefs running back Le’Veon Bell, and the idea that he will be out for revenge against the Jets, who released him two weeks ago. But I think the relationship between another member of the Chiefs and the Jets is more interesting.

In January 2019, the Jets interviewed Kansas City offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy for their head-coach opening before hiring Adam Gase instead. In a few months, they may be seeking to interview him again to replace Gase.

The Jets liked Bieniemy when they interviewed him, but they had concerns about how much of the Chiefs’ offensive success was due to him and how much of it was Andy Reid. Bieniemy also wanted to call plays with the Jets, which he had never done.

Since that interview, Bieniemy has won a Super Bowl with the Chiefs and become the most popular name on the coaching market — though the Chiefs are coy about who actually calls the plays, saying everyone is involved. The Jets surely will be interested again if they are in the market for a new head coach. Sunday could be an early job interview for Bieniemy and a chance to show Jets ownership what they missed out on when they passed on him last year.

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